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    Wolfendorn – Brenner-Trail

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    Wolfendorn (Brenner)

    While the Brenner border ridge has become an insider tip, a mountain called Wolfendorn slumbers opposite in a deep sleep. Only a few people know that you can ride along a military road almost to the 2776-meter-high summit – and then wildly down again to the Brenner Pass.

    If you look east from the Brenner Grenzkamm, you can see deep below you the caravans of metal sheets rolling south and north over the Brenner Pass – and a distinctly jagged mountain personality: the Wolfendorn (Spina del Lupo). Hard to believe: With a mountainbike you can climb this 2776 meter high guardian over the Brenner Pass on the roof! Thanks to an old, but hardly used military road. It starts in sight of the shopping mile at the top of the pass, more precisely: at the ancient Gasthof Wolf. From the «Al Lupo» a winding, but partly quite steep gravel road leads to the Flatschjoch (Passo Vallaccia, 2395 m), also called «Brennermäuerl». Extremely steep, but for strong bikers it is possible to ride up to 100 meters of altitude, from here the path leads northwards, at the end over several narrow serpentines up to the summit. The deep and wide views to the Brenner, into the Pfitschertal and over to the fat three thousand meter peaks of the Zillertal distract from all too morbid thoughts at the summit cross – because even up here at almost 2800 meters above sea level the mountain war raged. After work the pleasure! But the descent is fun – at first on the serpentines of the summit and then through desert rock fields along a ridge to decaying war hats – only for hard-boiled downhill riders with a lot of suspension travel and sovereign riding technique. Normal riders push downhill at Wolfendorn for about one hour. But consolation: There are only a few really life-threatening places. In between you have to carry about 100 meters downhill through a landslide, after that the only half meter wide remains of a military road demand everything from man and machine again, before – now back in the forest – it goes back to the S1 level to the «Lupo» and to the Brenner.

    Brenner – Gasthof Wolf – Bei der Lacke – Flatschjoch – Wolfendorn – Postkessel – Postalm – Gasthof Wolf – Brenner
    Route details
    18 km
    difference in altitude uphill: 
    1400 m
    difference in altitude downhill: 
    1400 m
    Highest point: 
    1399 M.ü.M.
    Lowest point: 
    2734 M.ü.M.
    Point of departure: 
    Point of arrival: 
    gut tauglich für E-Mountainbikes
    Route classification
    Technical skills: 
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