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    Cervinia Eisenbahnlinie mit Matterhorn

    The Theodul Pass is one of the historical crossings from the Valle d'Aosta to Valais. Despite the short glacier passage, the route is excellent for mountainbiking – as a two-day tour from Châtillon to Visp with the support of mountain railways. The tour is an absolute highlight, albeit not easy logistically.

    We start in the village Châtillon, where a climb on a small road to Isseuries is planned. From here one heads into Valtournenche. Later, a short stretch on the main road follows until a gravel road leads to the village Grand-Moulin on the left. Continue on parallel routes to the main road to Buisson, where you take the gondola to Chamois. A wonderfully fun trail leads from here downhill to Valtournenche, where a little later the next mountain railway is already in use. The Salette gondola leads to the high plateau from where you reach the track of a former railway. You follow this almost flat path until you reach the freeride track above Cervinia. On this you steer down to the station of the gondola up to Cime Bianche. Cime Bianche is the starting point of the steep ascent on gravel roads to the Theodul Pass. For the descent, you change to Swiss soil and initially follow the glacier ski slope to Trockener Steg. The following downhill trail in the face of the Matterhorn is first-class but technical. You pass the Furggbach and head down a narrow path to Furi. On the last stretch to the centre of Zermatt, you follow the moos trail specially built for mountainbikers.
    The route has not yet been completed, the Europaweg is the brilliant final stretch. For that you take the gondola up to the Unterrothorn. With the descent through the Tufterchumme there is already a highlight at the beginning. Just above the Tufterenalp, you will find the Europaweg which you will take northwards to the Täscheralp. Here, the route continues on the other side of the valley, and after a few sharp serpentines, you reach the military path, which branches off to the left towards Täsch. It is quite demanding, especially in the upper part, but then becomes increasingly flowy and fun. You eventually reach the valley floor at Täsch. From there, you take the marked mountainbike route to Visp. It‘s a bit boring on the stretch before St. Niklaus because it largely runs on gravel roads, but it becomes a really attractive path with lots of singletrail riding down to Visp.
    Tip: The Theodulhütte is an exceptional place to stay overnight!
    Note: The tour is logistically complex because the journey from Visp back to Châtillon by public transport is possible but takes a lot of time. Ideally, this route should be built into a longer multi-day tour or used for the return journey home from the Aosta holiday.

    Châtillon – Isseuries – Brusoncles de Gard – Chardin – Grand Moulin (Antey) – Lillaz – Buisson – Chamois – Pessey – Valtournenche – Plan de la Glaea – Salette (Illiaz) – Manda – Chapellette – Cervinia – Cime Bianche – Theodulpass (Colle Teodulo) – Trockener Steg – Furggbach – Furi – Moos-Trail – Zermatt – Unterrothorn – Furggji – Tufterchumme – Europaweg – Ottafe – Europaweg – Militärweg – Täsch – Randa – Herbriggen – St. Niklaus – Kalpetran – Stalden – Visp
    Route details
    93 km
    difference in altitude uphill: 
    2090 m
    difference in altitude downhill: 
    5630 m
    Highest point: 
    455 M.ü.M.
    Lowest point: 
    3297 M.ü.M.
    2 Tage
    Point of departure: 
    Point of arrival: 
    gut tauglich für E-Mountainbikes
    Route classification
    Technical skills: 
    Overall impression: 
    Best season: 
    More infos
    Cervinia – Plan Maison – Cime Bianche
    Buisson – Chamois
    Valtournenche – Salette
    Alternative routes: