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    Rheinschlucht (Ruinaulta)

    The Rhine Gorge in the Bündner Oberland is one of the most impressive natural spectacles in Switzerland. A single trail leads directly along the shore, allowing you to bike along it and experience the gorge. Fittingly, you start the route in Thusis and ride through Safiental into the Rhine Gorge.

    The tour start is located at the Glaspass. Over here you can leave from Thusis by postal bus or travel on your own on the mountain roads. After a few metres, the nature of the path becomes clear: the way down to the Safiental is tricky and leads in an impressive zigzag through steep terrain and ends at the reservoir in Safien Platz. At this point you will have to pedal about 2.5 kilometres on the road leading out of the valley, then keeping right at Rüti and follow the single trail along the Rabiusa to the small reservoir. This section is quite tiring, and for that reason we suggest the mountain road as an alternative. At the dam, you change to the other side of the valley, pass through a small tunnel, and then climb a few metres up to the Häusergruppe Forest. A trail begins a little ways behind that, which is nestled spectacularly on the mountainside and leads ever onward through small tunnels. Later, the path turns into a road, which you follow until a Pass Sigl Ault. Now you ease down into the entertaining switchback descent to the Versamer bridge and thence on the road up to the village of Versam. Here begins the second part of the tour through the Rhine Gorge. Follow a segment of the road in the direction of the Versam train station, then fork to the right at a shooting range and navigate onto a steep single trail down into the gorge. Alternatively, you may bike on the trail following along the road. Follow the trail after the train station squarely through the Rhine Gorge until Castrisch and further on to Illanz. The final section is again especially diverting to ride on and forms the explosive conclusion that ends directly on the edge of the town of Illanz.

    Tip: Tour starts in Chur, because by train to Thusis and by post bus on the glass pass. From Ilanz go to completed tour by train back through the Rhine canyon to Chur.

    Thusis – Tschappina – Glaspass – Safien Platz – Rüti – In der Grafa – Halten – kleiner Stausee – Wald – Sculms – Sigl Ault – Parstogn – Versamer Brücke – Versam Dorf – Versam Bahnhof – Valendas Bahnhof – Castrisch – Ilanz
    Route details
    41 km
    difference in altitude uphill: 
    590 m
    difference in altitude downhill: 
    1740 m
    Highest point: 
    627 M.ü.M.
    Lowest point: 
    1856 M.ü.M.
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