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    Monte Legnone

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    Monte Legnone

    Monte Legnone is the highest mountain peak (2609 m.a.s.l.) on Lake Como. In the First World War, a road was built almost up to the summit - today's starting point for one of the toughest mountainbike climbs in the Alps. Even with an e-bike you need two full battery charges.

    The starting point of the route to Monte Legnone is Colico on Lake Como. The first section of the route follows the shore road to Dervio, where you turn left in the centre of the village and spend the next few hours collecting altitude metres. The road goes to the village of Vestreno, you pass Tremenico and a little further on a gravel road branches off to the left up to Alpe Campo. This rough road leads bend after bend up the forest, you pass the alp and a little later reach the Rifugio Griera. 1500 meters of altitude difference have been climbed up to here, but from here on it really get to the substance. The path becomes narrower and narrower, but it is not steep and mostly ridable. But there‘s no end. 23 serpentine curves later, the first saddle is reached, where it goes through the southern flank of Monte Legnone to Forcella di Legnone. The highest point of the bike route is now reached. It is a good idea to leave your bike here and make a detour up to the summit on foot. By the way, it is a good idea to have some reserves of strength up here, as the descent requires a lot of concentration. Curve after curve the rough path leads down into the valley, ridable but challenging again and again. In this style you finally reach the Alpe Legnone with the Rifugio, immediately behind it the trail continues down to Piazza Calde. Now you can finally take it a little easier, a mix of gravel road, singletrail and Roman path leads past the reservoir at Piazzo Minghino down to Delebio. On side roads you roll back to Colico.


    • The tour can be done well with an electric mountain bike, but you must have a second battery with you.
    • The route can also be planned as a two-day tour with an overnight stay in the Rifugio Griera.
    •  If you have the option of a bike shuttle, you can take the road up to the junction of the gravel road to Alpe Campo and thus save a little more than 700 metres of ascent.
    Colico – Dervio – Vestreno – Tremenico – Alpe Gallino – Alpe Campo – Rifugio Griera – Forcella di Legnone – Alpe Legnone – Piazza Calde – Canargo di Sopra – Piazzo Minghino – Delebio – Colico
    Route details
    60 km
    difference in altitude uphill: 
    2545 m
    difference in altitude downhill: 
    2545 m
    Highest point: 
    201 M.ü.M.
    Lowest point: 
    2408 M.ü.M.
    Point of departure: 
    Colico Piano
    Point of arrival: 
    Colico Piano
    gut tauglich für E-Mountainbikes
    Route classification
    Technical skills: 
    Overall impression: 
    Best season: 
    More infos
    360 Valtellina bike