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    Lac d'Emosson (Le Cheval Blanc)

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    Cheval Blanc (Lac d'Emosson)

    The Lac d'Emosson is embedded in a fantastic high alpine environment. With the ascent of the Cheval Blanc, a challenging but exceptionally impressive tour with start in Martigny is the result.

    The first phase of the tour is characterized by several cable car rides. First from Martigny by train to Le Châtelard. Here you change to the extremely steep funicular to Les Montuires, where the first highlight of the day follows: The bikes are loaded into a small, open railroad (maximum four bikes). This takes you through the steep terrain in the direction of the Lac d'Emosson dam until you reach an inclined lift which takes you up to the dam. From now on you need your own muscle power. First you ride up a steep asphalt road to the Lac du Vieux Emosson, then you push mostly to the Col du Vieux at the foot of the mighty Cheval Blanc. From here the bike lies on the shoulders until about 2700 meters above sea level. The bike is now deposited and the summit (2830 meters above sea level) is conquered on foot. The path up to the summit is high alpine and in places secured with ropes, but the ascent on foot is worth it just for the fantastic view.

    The descent back to Lac d'Emosson is then made along the ascent route. The trail downhill is first class: flowy, alpine, varied. From the upper to the lower reservoir there is an alternative to the asphalt road. From the Lac d'Emosson, where you started the tour, you descend on a gravel road to Les Montuires (the trail alternatives are not rideable), where the first-class trail down to Giétroz and on to Le Châtelard begins at the top station of the funicular. In the lower part there are some very challenging sections, but overall the trail is very well rideable. From Le Châtelard, there is a stage on the main road to Trient, before climbing the Col de la Forclaz. The pass high above Martigny is the starting point of the final descent. You always follow the hiking trail markings. Shortly before Les Rappes, turn right and take the final stretch down to Le Brocard. Along the river La Dranse you will finally reach the center of Martigny.


    • The trail through the Gorge de la Veudale down to Lac d'Emosson looks promising, but is extremely demanding and in many sections not rideable.
    • Riders with less technical skills leave the bike at the dam of Lac du Vieux Emosson and start from there on foot towards Cheval Blanc.
    (Martigny – Le Châtelard –) Lac d'Emosson – Cabane du Vieux-Emosson – Col du Vieux – Le Cheval Blanc – Col du Vieux – Cabane du Vieux-Emosson – Lac d'Emosson – Les Montuires – Giétroz – Le Châtelard – Trient – Col de la Forclaz – Le Cergneux – Pied du Château – Le Brocard – Martigny-Croix – Martigny
    Route details
    42 km
    difference in altitude uphill: 
    1435 m
    difference in altitude downhill: 
    2925 m
    Highest point: 
    468 M.ü.M.
    Lowest point: 
    2830 M.ü.M.
    Point of departure: 
    Point of arrival: 
    nicht tauglich für E-Mountainbikes
    Route classification
    Technical skills: 
    Overall impression: 
    Best season: 
    More infos
    Martigny - Finhaut - Chamonix
    Le Châtelard – Les Montuires
    Les Montuires – Pied du Barrage
    Pied du Barrage – Lac d'Emosson
    Trient – Col de la Forclaz