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    Haute Route Graubünden

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    Fuorcla Gualdauna (Es-cha-Hütte)

    Off through the middle! The "Graubünden Haute Route" is one of the most spectacular high alpine routes in the Grisons. Technically difficult, steep climbs with carrying passages but epochal impressions – this is what characterizes the three-day route from Julierpass to Klosters.

    Day 1: Julier Pass to Es-cha hut

    Starting point of the "Graubünden Haute Route" is La Veduta just below the Julier Pass. Those who arrive the evening before: In the Ospizio La Veduta you can also stay overnight (and have an excellent dinner). The start is steep: after a short traverse passage you climb up the Val d'Agnel. The bike is usually pushed or carried. In front of an impressive rocky backdrop, you climb up to the Fuorcla d'Agnel and miss the 3000m mark only by a hair's breadth. The upcoming descent into Val Bever is challenging; the upper part is interspersed with short pushing passages and becomes more flowy as the distance increases. One passes the Jenatsch hut and finally reaches the Alp Suvretta. A short stretch of gravel road is required until the next ascent begins. On the steep section up to Crap Alv the bike has to be carried completely, and also on the descent behind it to the Albula Pass road not everything is rideable. But all in all a worthwhile and impressive passage to steer into the third section of the day after the Albula Pass: The ascent and the traverse to the Es-cha hut are completely rideable, even if a little bit blocked just before the hut. The beer and the dinner in the hut is earned without discussion.
    Daily data: 33 km; 1820 m-up; 1465 m-down

    Day 2: Es-cha hut to Grialetsch hut

    The second day is a déjà-vu: Again the bike is on the shoulders from the beginning, this time up to Fuorcla Pischa. Here the descent to Chants begins with a walk, but only for a few meters. Then the path becomes rideable and soon turns into a supertrail through the fascinating landscape between Piz Üertsch and Piz Kesch. In this way you will later reach the (steep) little road, on which you climb up to the Kesch hut. Here we recommend a refreshment, because the transition to the Grialetsch hut is still to be made. Follow the path high above the Val Funtauna, a demanding section that can be avoided by descending to the bottom of the valley and then climbing up to the Scaletta Pass. On the original route, however, the Scaletta Pass is finally quickly mastered and the well-built descent into the Dischma Valley is reached. The day is not over yet: The ascent up to the hut is the next carrying passage of the tour, but it is rewarded with the idyllic section along the Furgga lake.
    Daily data: 27 km; 1545 m-up; 1600 m-down

    Day 3: Grialetsch hut to Klosters

    On the third day, the finalissima of the "Haute Route Graubünden" will take place. It is the shortest stage of the three-day tour and begins with the descent from the Grialetsch hut down to Röven on the Flüela Pass road. Here it comes to the novelty: The first rideable ascent of the tour! It leads on a gravel road into the Val Fless and finally as a trail up to the Fless Pass. Well-trained riders manage the ascent while everyone else pushes the one or other section. The descent to the Vereinahaus is initially steep, challenging but rideable, then the trail becomes more and more flowy. Through the Vereina Valley you have to ride down a bit on the gravel road (the marked trail is hardly rideable) until the final trail turns off to the left at Stutzegg. Follow this down to the shore of the Landquart river and follow it to the center of Klosters.
    Daily data: 33 km; 670 m-up; 2010 m-down

    Julierpass – Val d'Agnel – Fuorcla d'Agnel – Chamanna Jenatsch – Alp Suvretta – Fuorcla Crap Alv – Albulapass – Punt Granda – Fuorcla Gualdauna – Chamanna Es-cha – Fuorcla Pischa – Alp digl Chants – Keschhütte – Val Funtauna – Scalettapass – Dürrboden – Chamanna da Grialetsch – Munt da Marti – Flüelapass – Wägerhaus – Winterlücke – Jöriseen – Berghaus Vereina – Novai – Schwäderloch – Klosters
    Route details
    91 km
    difference in altitude uphill: 
    4050 m
    difference in altitude downhill: 
    5090 m
    Highest point: 
    1184 M.ü.M.
    Lowest point: 
    2975 M.ü.M.
    3 Tage
    Point of departure: 
    Point of arrival: 
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    Thomas Giger

    Route classification
    Technical skills: 
    Overall impression: 
    Best season: 
    More infos
    St. Moritz–Julierpass
    Tiefencastel – Savognin – Bivio – Julierpass
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