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    The Barrhorn, at an altitude of 3610 meters above sea level, is the highest peak in Switzerland that can be ridden on a mountainbike. Meanwhile the mountain has become a classic that can be combined with another classic: the Argentinian Trail from Cabanne Becs de Bosson down into the Val d'Hérémence. This combination is one of the most spectacular things you can pack into a three-day tour in the Alps. However, a solid fitness and a distinct riding technique are required.

    The first day is the easiest: During 18 kilometers of ascent you overcome 1200 meters of altitude difference, from the top station of the cable car in Oberems to the Turtmann Hut. The first part takes place on an asphalt road to the parking lot at the very back of the Turtmann valley. The route now turns into a gravel road and just above the reservoir you have to hump your bike for 300 meters of altitude difference to the hut. Stage 1 is done.

    The second day is something like the king's stage. Early in the morning we start to the Barrhorn, during the 1000-metres ascent the bike lies exclusively on our shoulders. The trail is easy to do on foot, and at some point you'll stand on the highest peak in Switzerland, to which a hiking trail leads: 3610 meters above sea level is the mark. The descent back to the hut is steep and gravelly in the upper part, then becomes hardly rideable in one section, then on a moraine again first class and finally you have to make another walk to the hut. About 80% of the distance from the summit to the hut is rideable. Back in the hut it is worth a refreshment, because a second tour is still to come – the one over the Col de la Forcletta. After the reservoir, follow the path on the left side of the valley. There are another 600 meters of altitude difference, mostly pushing and carrying, a short stretch on an alpine road. You will be rewarded with the first-class downhill run to Alp Tsahèlett and the dream trail to Hotel Weisshorn. Speaking of dreams: the location of the hotel high above the Val d'Anniviers is fantastic. In the daily balance 2100 meters of ascent are mentioned.

    The third day starts with the great descent from the Hotel Weisshorn down to Mottec and the wonderful trail over to Grimentz. Instead of climbing up the whole mountain, the ascent to Bendolla by cable car is easier here – the following ascent to Cabanne Becs de Bosson is still hard enough. This leads from the mountain station over 850 meters of altitude difference to the mountain hut, initially on gravel roads, then at the end again over a relatively short carrying passage. Finally the hut is reached and with it the starting point of the long and legendary Argentinian descent down to Suen and down to the valley floor at Hérémence. A little bit of bite is still needed, finally another 300 meters of altitude difference have to be climbed on a road to reach the Bisse de Fan. Follow this trail to Vex and then take the sensational final trail down into the gorge at Bramois. Finally, you roll along roads and cycle paths to Sion station, the destination of what is probably one of the most impressive multi-day tours in the Valais.

    (Turtmann –) Oberems – Turtmannhütte – Barrhorn – Turtmannhütte – Col de la Forcletta – Hotel Weisshorn – Mottec – Grimentz – Becs de Bosson – Suen –Vex – Sion
    Route details
    90 km
    difference in altitude uphill: 
    4850 m
    difference in altitude downhill: 
    6200 m
    Highest point: 
    486 M.ü.M.
    Lowest point: 
    3601 M.ü.M.
    3 Tage
    Point of departure: 
    Point of arrival: 
    nicht tauglich für E-Mountainbikes
    Route classification
    Technical skills: 
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